It all started with brows...

 As a photographer's assistant, I noticed how great brows (& great makeup/hair) resulted in great images. And that equaled very happy clients.

I also noticed that a lot (and I mean A LOT) of ladies had brow shapes that did nothing to frame their lovely peepers.

I decided then and there, that I would change the world, one brow at a time.

I became a licensed cosmetologist and furthered my skin care education by becoming a licensed aesthetician, as well. I even sought out Damone Roberts, of Beverly Hills, CA, AKA The Brow Guru, to receive the VERY BEST brow training. (You deserve the best brow designer, don't you?)


Then, in June 2008, I created a day spa that I would enjoy going to, myself.

Peaceful music.

Warm & inviting spa, with a private treatment room & cubbyholes. (After a facial, I personally don't want everybody staring at me, while I get some complimentary makeup on.)

Correct time allotted for each service. Even if you're here for a short service, we're not giving you the bum's rush. (If you show up late, we won't be able to chat. But, DAMMIT! We are getting that service DONE.)

Clean, fresh air, purified by natural Himalayan salt lamps. (Take a deep breath. Nobody's getting their hair done or their nails did here. Not that there's anything wrong with that...)

And, YES! WE'RE FRIENDLY! And we love having you visit us.

(YUP. You should've been coming here before. But you're here now. You found us. Welcome, my lovely.)