Summer News! WOOHOO!!!

July 10, 2014

It’s been awhile….. I know, I know. Sorry for the big gap between blogs. We’ve been a bit busy.

Great news, guys! Aqua One Day Spa now shares space with yet ANOTHER business!

Blown Away (I know. Cool name, RIGHT?!) Hair and Nails opened their doors July 1. They are co-located with Aqua One Day Spa AND Stress Away Therapeutic Massage. THREE businesses under ONE roof!  Now you can schedule hair and nail services, right along with your skin and massage services.

When you now enter the front door, you will see Blown Away Hair and Nails. For access to Aqua One Day Spa or Stress Away Therapeutic Massage, make a left and you will see another door (glass-paned). Go through it.And, BOOM! You’re there.

Now you can get your spa AND salon ON!






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