Happy (No) Turkey Day!!!

November 20, 2013

O.K., folks. If you didn’t know already, I am not fond of meat.

I rarely eat it. One of my friends laughed when I said this to him. He replied, “You not only EAT meat, you eat MORE meat than people who ADMIT to eating meat!!!”.

I stand my ground firmly. I say again, I don’t eat meat.

But if turkey or ham or pot roast or whatever meat (or no-meat) that YOU love, take some time to enjoy your time off. Take time to give thanks for those little- and big- things that make your time on this earth full of joy and wonder.

I, for one, give thanks for all the wonderful spirits I get to see every day. My spa work brings me many wonderful opportunities to be part of someone’s life.

I am grateful for my family, friends, who brighten my day and life. With the sudden loss of my dad this year, I reflect on moments I was able to share with him. I am thankful for the life he prepared me for.

Thanks, Pop, for your sense of humor. My life is richer because of laughter. It’s your laughter that comes through me.

Thank you for being a whistler, Pop. I remember you would whistle in the morning.

Thank you, Pop.

Happy (No) Turkey Day, everyone!!!

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