New Season Means Detox Time!

October 10, 2013

Yes, the crispness in the air is back once again!

This is a great time to reboot your systems. Yes, we all could use a reset. We offer two great options: colon conditioning (hehehe..she said “colon”…hehehe) and far infrared sauna.

(DISCLAIMER: We’re NOT physicians and we certainly don’t play one at the spa. Please consult with your medical folks before taking on anything new, outside your normal doctor’s orders.)

Oxy-Cleanse Colon Conditioner is a fast and easy way to reset. No harsh psyllium husks or herbs. And lucky you, it’s on sale throughout this month! One capsule each night for 7 days for a light detox.

Another option is far infrared sauna-ing. (Is that even a word???). Penetrates up to an inch and a half through skin. Lovely pain-relieving warmth for those with chronic pain such as arthritis, fibromyalgia. And if you have external skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, very dry skin, it will help with that, as well! Wanna lose a few pounds for a special dress for that special event? Get in here already! Raises metabolism WITHOUT EXERCISING. Far infrared saunas also help LOWER your blood pressure.

Both of the above options are available for you @ Aqua One.

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