You must be of legal age, 18 years or older, to receive spa treatments. accompanied by your parent/legal guardian for your initial appointment. Certain services REQUIRE the presence of said parent/guardian, for all appointments.
Getting Here (Arrival)
Please arrive on time. You will be texted, to enter. Please be aware if you are late, we will try to accommodate you for your full service, schedule permitting.
You Can't Make It? (Cancellations)
We are self-employed, and count on you to show up for your appointment. When you don't, we lose that time - and income. Coming to work and not getting paid, sucks. Thank you for being considerate, by giving us a minimum of 24-hour notification of cancellation. Cancellations with less than 24 hour notice, will be charged 50% of service(s) booked, except for dangerous weather conditions. This keeps our schedules filled- and in business. Thank you for understanding and being considerate of other guests- and us. If you have no other option but to cancel with less than 24 hours, please call us.
Kids! (Yes, little fellas...)
In consideration of the quiet atmosphere we want to preserve in the day spa, for your comfort- and the comfort of our other spa guests, we ask that you reserve this time for just you. Please contact us in advance, if you find yourself with no other option but to bring your child.
Gift Cards (YOU got a GIFT CARD? Lucky dog...)
 NEWSFLASH: We don't issue gift cards. We can, however, make special arrangements with you, to gift someone a service. Call for details. (See? Now you don't have to worry about a gift card going to waste, or getting lost.)
Tips (Yes, tipping is allowed...if ya got great service, of course!)
In appreciation of outstanding services, gratuities may be given at your discretion, on services.
We accept debit/credit cards, exact cash, and personal checks. There is a $50 fee, on all returned checks. 
All pricing subject to change without notice.
Spending Some Time With Us? Booking Multiple Services
We require a credit card, when booking multiple services.